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Daniela Billi, who signs her works as BILLI, was born in Switzerland in1963.

Her artistic personality was apparent from earliest childhood,but her later move to Florence introduced her to painting and colors and was fundamental for hergrowth and maturity as an artist.

She makes her home in Prato, but maintains regular contacts in Florencewhere she works and attends acting courses, graduating with a diplomain acting from the “Cinema Immagina” school of cinema. Her continuousartistic urgings found expression in poetry and painting.Painter and poet, she describes sensations and images of landscapes,dreams and visions using a range of different techniques: collage,pastels, plexiglas, oil and paintings in mixed techniques. Those whoobserve her works perceive the depth of her soul. She has no need ofwords, her works speak for her: the brilliant colors serve toaccentuate the nearer shapes and the pale, light colors give depth toinfinity. Her brush is dipped in colors that create chromatic imagesand in this way give expression to her thoughts.

Her works havedeveloped over the years, slowly but steadily, until the latestpaintings that, through a process of maturity elaborated by herartistic sensitivity succeeded in overcoming any definition.Billi’s works, through their colors, shapes, definition andindefinition, go beyond any category to attain the freedom to explorebeyond, with the symbols and shapes of the artist’s own emotions.Her work becomes something that penetrates reality and passes throughand beyond it.

The movements are sometimes linear, sometimes rotary orundulating, succeeding in generating a pattern of colors and lightsthat compose themselves with their own energy into poetry. It is awordless poetry made of thoughts. Thoughts that become colors, colorsthat generate abstract shapes, shapes that tell stories of silentworlds, invisible to our eyes but so dear to the unlimited space of theimagination, capable of leading us up to the gate of truth andfurnishing us with the only key that will open it, so that we canexplore and make it part of us.

The emotions are strong and all secretly enclosed in the colors used bythe artist who, carried away by an almost innate instinct, uses it toexpress her creativity. Reality meets the subconscious, where theturmoil of the artist’s emotions breathe life into something new, newfeelings, never experienced before but that the heart recognizes andthe body, through its movements, can follow, grasp and embrace withabsolute freedom. Various materials that appear inert, lifeless, aremolded through a sensitive dialogue between the outer and the innerworld and acquire shapes that act as mirrors to a nature that only theeyes of the heart and soul can see.Billi’s works are unmistakable and her slashes of color that mingle onthe space of the canvas are peculiarities of the feminine universe,where nature is fertile and has no borders, not even between differentforms of expression.

Her decision to sign her works with her last name only confirms thepersonality of the artist that goes beyond her conception of herself asa woman and prefers to elevate herself to the role of artist,understanding that the loss of a name is an added value that gives thespectator the opportunity to range freely among the spaces and visionswithout focusing on the person who created them.


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